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Tactical Handgun 1

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Body Armor

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Tactical Handgun 1 course (All Day)

500 Rounds


Tactical Handgun 1 is designed for the beginner and intermediate shooters. Starting with basic fundamentals, you'll improve our shooting skills using our core principle, "Train as you fight".



This course is designed to give our students the tools and confidence they need to survive in a gunfight and be the one that walks away.


Working with balance of speed and accuracy templates, we explore acceptable accuracy under stress and how that affects lethality.


You will learn to rapidly manipulate your handgun effectively and deliberately. You'll employ your pistol quickly for first shot positive affect on target, achieve fast and accurate follow up shots, and hastily reload and clear malfunctions to get the gun back into the fight.


You will learn to shoot, reload, and clear malfunctions on the move. You will learn to utilize cover and engage targets form different positions firing over, around, and beneath various types of cover.


We will be transitioning to support hand, as well as learning single handed firing, reloading, and malfunction clearing.



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