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Tactical Carbine 2 Course

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Tactical Carbine 2 Course

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Tactical Carbine 2 Course (All Day)


800 Rounds (500 Primary 300 Secondary)



Tactical Carbine 2 is for shooters who have had at least a basic carbine class either from Guardian Tactical or any other accredited instructor. You know how to shoot your carbine now let us teach you how to FIGHT with it!


Picking up where our Tactical Carbine 1 course ends, you will learn how and when to transition to your secondary, how and when to transition to your support side, and one handed weapon manipulation to include, firing, reloading, and clearing malfunctions.


You will undergo stress fire, target identification, threat analysis, and multiple target drills.


Learning team fire and movement, we will negotiate a course fighting from cover to cover as a team, as well as utilize team fire to cover our movements, reloads, and malfunction clearing.


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